How to Select the Best Cooling Towers

How to Select the Best Cooling Towers

Undoubtedly, cooling towers are gaining momentum. They are becoming a standard method of heat rejection method. Many people are investing in these systems. Therefore, chances are, some manufacturers might create substandard systems.

Getting the right cooling tower manufacturer in Bangladesh can be tricky. Here is the critical point to look for in a cooling system.

Cooling Tower Approach

Cooling towers come in a different size. However, the size of a cooling tower system depends on:

  • The flow
  • The temperature of the water inlets and outlet
  • Wet-bulb temperature

The approach means the difference between the water outlet temperature and the wet-bulb temperature. When the approach is small, then the size of the tower is large.

An approach of 4°C is the best cost-effective point for a cooling system. Otherwise, an approach lower than 2.8°C is expensive. Besides, it can’t get certification from CTI.

Note; all sections that use approaches beyond 4°C lead to higher condensing temperatures. That implies that chiller efficiency and performance are much lower. Sadly, without much savings on the cooling tower.

CTI Certification

This is performance certification by the Cooling Technology Institute. Each cooling tower in Bangladesh should have ratings verified and confirmed by CTI. Therefore, when you select such a cooling tower, it means you get specified performance.

Keep in mind, their lots of undersized products. When you choose one of them, you get a tiny cooling tower. Typically, the system will run at higher condensing temperatures; thus, lowering efficiencies.

Structural Design Installation Requirement Compliance with International Building Code

The International Building Code (IBC) regulations regulate booth buildings and HVAC equipment. A cooling system must comply with all requirements as per the IBC. This should both structural and installation.

Structural integrity, anchorage, and operational capabilities are key features. Therefore, any cooling tower manufacturer in Bangladesh should understand it clearly.

Besides, a cooling system should meet seismic and wind load forces similar to the building they are attached.

Fan Type

There are two types of cooling towers.

  • Forced draft cooling towers that use centrifugal fans
  • Induced draft cooling towers, which use axial fans

The axial fans are the best, because:

  • 50% less energy consumption
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lower cost/tonne of heat rejection

Industrial processes generate lots of heat, which needs to be removed. High heat amounts frequently destroy machines. Look for something that will serve for long.

Keep in mind that the right cooling system improves efficiency. Therefore, consider the factors above while buying a cooling system.

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