Can Certified Resume Writing Services Beat the Applicant Tracking System?

Can Certified Resume Writing Services Beat the Applicant Tracking System?

The world of professional resume writers is lucrative. Those who thrive in this sector usually must have some certification. Essentially, certification, quality, and level of education is the standard that people consider while hiring best resume writing services.

That aside, job seekers need assurance that they will, at least, make it to the final interview list. That means they have to pass the applicant tracking system (ATS) software.

Certified resume writing services are indeed what many job seekers should seek. Such organizations have qualified people to write the best resumes. One of the biggest hurdles is not crafting the resume itself. Instead, it is creating a resume that will beat the scrutinizing bot – applicant tracking system.

What is the ATS?

Most companies use this recruitment tool nowadays. It typically is a software that collects and sorts resumes sent to accompany based on some specified terms. This happens to people who apply for jobs online.

An online application does not directly land in the hands of a recruiter. It passes through software, which processes it first. Therefore, any resume must be optimized for ATS algorithms.

Online Job Applications

Applying for jobs online is very easy. So you expect to have thousands of resumes for a single job opening. Some are even not qualified since they use the “let me try” attitude.

An ATS system does not hire but helps the recruiters to narrow down to candidates suitable to their job role.

How it Works

The system is strict; however, this varies with the model. Here are the standard ways they work:

  • Automatic Rankings: these kinds of ATS compare your resume to the job description and ranks the applicant based on the score match.
  • Keyword Searches: here, the system identifies terms relevant to the job description. It may be titles or skills.

In rare cases, the recruiters may opt to check out the resume highlights one by one.

Beating the applicant tracking systems

  • Customize your resume to the job description. Do not use an old resume.
  • Use the main keywords in the job description – optimizing for ATS searches, and also use related terms, long-form, and acronym for keywords.
  • Use common resume section headings such as “Work Experience” rather than “Where I’ve Been”
  • Avoid tables and columns. They cause parsing errors.
  • Make use of traditional fonts such as Garamond, Helvetica, or Georgia.
  • Avoid headers and footers.
  • Save your resume as a.docx

Final Verdict

While it is possible to fool the ATS by using many keywords, it is impossible to trick human recruiters so ensure you have a quality resume. If you can’t create one, there are numerous affordable resume writing services.

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